Episode 20

Why do some people prefer “bondage” as opposed to “liberty?” The truth is legalism within a church often grows in the petri dish of fear, not faith! People add “ands” and “buts” to God’s freeing Grace not necessarily intending to limit the liberty provided in Jesus, but to instead safeguard against the abuse of that liberty. While grace gets the party started it’s the law that keeps the partiers in check. Let explain how the fear of liberty leading to sin uses the law to restrict liberty. It’s what I like to call the “you’re free, but you really shouldn’t” game.

You’re free to dance, but you really shouldn’t because you might stir up sexual feelings you won’t be able to control.

You’re free to have non-Christian friends, but you really shouldn’t because these relationships may lead you away from Christ.

You’re free to dress causally to church, but you really shouldn’t because it could foster a culture of immodesty or disrespect.

And while all of these things are noble considerations the problem is that entire approach is founded upon a fear of what could happen when people are free to enjoy the liberties they have in Christ instead of faith that the Liberator knows what He’s doing when He sets people free. Being an “Outlaw” doesn’t mean turning a blind eye to sin, but it does mean it’s not your place to limit freedom in the fear of what could happen. God’s grace liberates the individual to follow Jesus according to their own conscience. Meaning whatever happens when you engage in this freedom is Jesus’ responsibility because He’s the one who set you free! Friend, grace really does change everything.