Episode 34

It’s important you understand salvation is not something you possess rather it’s a relationship association I experience. Let me explain…

What if I went to the hottest club in Atlanta when the weekend before I’d partied with a group of friends, got hammered, fought a security guard, and threw up all over the DJ’s turntables. Seriously, there’s no chance they’re going to let me back in!

Unless… Let’s say a limo pulls up to the front door and I get out with my close pal Christopher Bridges AKA Ludacris who owns the club. As you can imagine since I’m with Luda not only do I avoid the line, but security lets me in without asking any questions, escorts me to the VIP, and gives me an unlimited tab.

Since I’m rolling with Ludacris not only are my past transgressions immediately forgiven and my slate wiped clean, but his reputation and privilege are afforded to me as well. If I’m found to be with Luda everything else takes care of itself!

You see this unmerited favor I’m enjoying has absolutely nothing to do with who I am nor was there anything I did to earn it (in fact I clearly don’t deserve it). Instead, the favor I’m enjoying has everything to do with who I have a relational association with!

Yes! Salvation is something I’ve been given by Jesus that must be received in faith, but what have I actually been given? The answer… I’ve been given a Savior! I’m saved through God’s grace in that I’ve been given a relationship with Jesus to be enjoyed and continue in! “What I do” is replaced with a Savior I get to know!